Factsheet ‘Commemorative Badge for the Wounded’

30 augustus 2017
Deel dit bericht:

In 1990, the first veterans’ policy document ‘Coherent care for veterans’ was published. It considered, among other things, that all military personnel and veterans suffering physical injury or psychological damage during their deployment in time of war or similar situations deserve a special mark of recognition.

On 11 October 1990, the then Minister of Defence, A.L. ter Beek, implemented this policy intention with the institution of the Commemorative Badge for the Wounded (DIG). Veterans believing they were eligible for a Commemorative Badge for the Wounded could apply to the Commemorative Badge for the Wounded Committee (CODIG), which was set up on 30 January 1991. That committee’s task was to assess applications and advise the Minister on whether or not to award the commemorative badge.