Veterans’ Core Data 2014

30 augustus 2017
Deel dit bericht:

In conducting the Core Data of Veterans for 2014 survey we hope to gain a clearer understanding of the wishes, needs and experiences of veterans as regards three topics. Those topics are veterans’ policy, the services provided by the Veterans’ Institute (Vi) and the usefulness of experience working as a serviceman or service woman and deployment experience as far as finding and doing a job after military service is concerned.

Five hundred veterans took part in the survey (this representing a response of 51%; see annex 1 for a description of the structure of the survey and how it was conducted, and annex 2 for the questionnaire). Those veterans were subdivided into four age cohorts: (1) aged 35 and below; (2) between 36 and 50 years of age; (3) between 51 and 65 years of age; (4) between 66 and 90 years of age. Where relevant, we have also described the differences among those cohorts.